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DATAcated Conference- Favorite Quotes and Takeaways

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the LinkedIn DATAcated conference. It included a number of excerpts from big names in the data science world and I wanted to record some of my favorite quotes, takeaways, and add to my reading list.

"Good decisions you make based on bad data are just bad decisions you don't know about yet" - Scott Taylor, the Data Whisperer

"Sometimes the person who needs to be involved in the story isn't even in the room when the data gathering begins- identify the problem, find the human who has been working the process longest, interview them, and take lots of notes." - Ben Taylor

"Data quality : 'Data is guilty until proven innocent' 😅" - Sebastian Elkan

Kirk Borne - Booz Allen Hamilton:

Data Makes the world go round, data literacy should be universal, and often is not.

  1. Being Cognitive- Everything is data!

  2. Data Profiling = "first date with your data"

  3. What kind of data do I have, what can I do with it?

  4. Feature Engineering 1 - The Feature Vector

  5. Turn the data into a vector

  6. FE 2- Computable Data

  7. let's get it all on the number line!

  8. FE 3- Data Normalization

  9. let's get it on the same scale! (Kirk recommends 0-1 whenever possible)

  10. Distance and Similarity

  11. Meta-Learning (Evaluation & Feedback) - KNN clasification and K-means clustering

Nonparametric test, nonparametric statistics-- let the data tell you about the data.

"The best way to learn anything in life is to have to teach it!" Kirk Borne

"90- 99% of the workforce does not have data literacy, but not everyone needs the exact same skills in data literacy.

What are we trying to accomplish at an organization? Why do we need to do it?

What strategy do we need to put in place?

What tools do we need to accomplish this?

- A tool is not a strategy

  1. Find an area in data and analytics you're enthusiastic about

  2. Be more curious, be creative, be critical

Create a world of data skeptics, not data cynics"

- Jordan Morrow- Qlik Data Literacy Head

"seek first to understand before being understood" - Danny Ma

Recommended reading-

SQL in 10 minutes a day

Daring Greatly, Brene Brown

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